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September 28, 2011

The Stuff of Leadership

by jacktomkinson

Photo Credit: heyitsy0u on Flickr

Some may call you: stubborn, driven and myopic.

Perhaps you are actually leading with: bravery, grit, and vision.

Certainly you should reflect occasionally to be sure you are being who you mean to be, but…

One thing’s for sure; when you’re in front, you will be criticized.  You will make mistakes because you were brave enough to try; you will recover from your mistakes because you have grit and you will accomplish your goal, because you have vision.

Neighborhood leaders must be resilient and willing to take the heat.  They say you can recognize the leader by the arrows sticking out of them.  The good news is that the company you will find when you step out of the crowd is extraordinary and there are deep rewards awaiting you.

While Director of the Department of Neighborhoods, Yvonne Sanchez did a wonderful job of acknowledging leaders.  She understood how much personal strength it takes to lead successful efforts.

  • Speechless after a tour of Fremont Peak Park, she asked,
    “May I hug you all?  This is beautiful.”
  • During an evening celebration of leadership, she addressed the sizeable crowd, saying,
    “Tonight you’re in the company of amazing people; you’re all leaders.”

Leadership is powerful stuff.  It’s not easy, but it is required for good community work.  Leadership is best shared rather than reserved for spokespeople.  Everyone needs to keep their eyes on the long range goals and search for the high road at all times.   Then all can bask in the accomplishments.

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