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Marra Farm

Marra farm is a large ongoing project of Solid Ground and Lettuce Link.  Urban Sparks was the Fiscal Sponsor for these Marra Farm Projects:

Race and Social Justice Outreach Grant, NMF
This project in South Park, Seattle reached out to local organizations and the Spanish Speaking Community to establish an active neighborhood-led advisory board for Marra Farm, representing the diversity of South Park.

Multi-Purpose Tool Shed, Small and Simple Grant, NMF
Using a Department of Neighborhoods Small and Simple Grant, the Marra Farm Coalition built a small tool shed with an outside teaching wall, harvesting station & gathering place. It facilitates community building and increases farm functionality.

Starbucks Neighborhood Parks Program Grant
This Marra Farm Community Project built three welcoming entry signs with bilingual signage and two new vegetable wash stations and purchased two picnic tables, an apple cider press and a portable barbeque. These elements create a dynamic and engaging neighborhood hub for gathering, learning and playing.


Hazel Heights P-Patch

We helped purchase this property for the P-Patch Trust.  In the process a covenant was put on the land to protect it in perpetuity, so that it can only be an open space or community garden — forever.

After the purchase, we also helped the Friends of Hazel Heights and the P-Patch Trust with the design and construction grant writing. Read more »


Bradner Garden

Bradner Garden is a gorgeous, mature P-Patch and Park that is the result of many years of amazing work led by a team of artists and gardeners. It has several unique buildings and structures that make it a must-see park if you’re involved in creating a park or P-Patch. Bradner’s point person, Joyce Moty, is an inspiration to many park activists and she shares her wisdom freely. She works tirelessly for parks, P-patches and the people who create them. She’s even on the city’s Skatepark Advisory Task Force.  Related links:

Bradner Gardens ParkSeattle Parks & RecSeattle Tilth Demonstration Garden

What are Others’ Projects?
Projects we admire and find inspiring.


Danny Woo International Garden

This is a fascinating community garden for senior Asian gardeners. It has been the recipient of many University of Washington design/build projects including the ADA garden spaces and “One Heart-Mind One Spirit” wall build by Jack’s nephew Jay. The garden is the center of a very strong community.

Danny Woo Garden website

What are Others’ Projects?
Projects we admire and find inspiring.