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Service House

Service House Model RenderingAffordable housing for full-time volunteers along with education about service and philanthropy.

Centrally-located Service House will include 150 mini apartments for full-time volunteers, office space and shared services for 6-10 nonprofits, plus meeting spaces, an auditorium, and cafe’/pub.  To this we’ll add a curriculum that captures the breadth and impact of service and philanthropy.  Our vision is to demonstrate effective models of service and philanthropy to those entering the field so that alumni of Service House will envision a satisfying lifetime of giving.

Click Here to download the 2 page flyer!

Service House Color PDF Flier

The idea for Service House grew from recognizing Seattle’s reliance on a vibrant nonprofit workforce. Seattle depends on more than 440 AmeriCorps members and many other participants in similar service programs to meet basic needs and create healthy communities for all of its residents.  Tours of service demand much from the young people who commit to these programs.  We believe in honoring that responsibility with opportunity — opportunities for support, for mentorship, and for a deepening of the entire nonprofit world.

Explore a Day in the Life of Service House and meet the AmeriCorps volunteers, nonprofit professionals, and philanthropists who will animate the hallways:

YouTube link to A Day In The Life Of Service House

Service House is workforce housing with a curriculum that builds a cohesive philanthropic family.  These elements tell the story:


Philanthropic Opportunity

Service House is just an idea without your help. Though rent will pay for the compact residential and commercial spaces, Service House’s ability to inspire workers & future philanthropists will depend on your generosity.

  • Our Immediate Needs: $300,000 to complete the research & planning phase, including feasibility studies, in preparation for large foundation & government grants.
  • Future Needs: Large gifts to support the auditorium, meeting rooms, rooftop and public gathering areas, the Museum of Service, clock tower and other building features that engage visitors, users, and residents.

Service House Logo

Immense Thanks

To those who have already donated time, energy and money to this project:

  • Steve Dubiel, Director of EarthCorps: Years ago he pondered providing housing for the masses of underpaid nonprofit workers who do so much good in the Northwest. Service House was born out of his vision.
  • Matt Hutchins of Cast Architecture: Very talented architects and good people who make it a policy to give pro bono work to public organizations each year. Their drawings have been a tremendous help in communicating our vision.
  • An anonymous donor who has partially funded our development work through the Seattle Foundation.
  • Frank Chopp, Speaker of the Washington State House of Representatives: He has helped us identify public funds and organizations who know affordable housing.
  • Bill Basl, National Director of AmeriCorps: He thought up the Museum of Service and championed the idea of drawing military veterans to this community of service. Bill’s vision for arranging human beings to compliment one another is superb.
  • Nancy Long, Executive Director of 501Commons: 501Commons is providing very valuable pro bono help with Executive Service Corps volunteers like: Doug Petrie, nonprofit project manager, Bruce Lamb, lawyer, Maggie Miille, journalist, and Dave Paulus, bank executive.
  • Nicole Trimble, Philanthropy NW Giving Practice and member of 1st & 2nd AmeriCorps Cohort.  She’s helping us meet those who might understand the greater impact.
  • Thatcher Bailey, Seattle Parks Foundation and Bailey Boushay House.  He’s sharing his wisdom in changing Seattle’s philanthropic landscape.
  • Paul Haas, Fundraising Consultant: He’s sharing his formidable expertise in development.
  • Tom Byers, Cedar River Group: Tom brings wisdom from many successful efforts throughout the years.
  • Jack Tomkinson, Director, Urban Sparks: He’s working to draw together a critical mass of key supporters to create this create this focal point for supporting and honoring service.

Please contact Urban Sparks for more information about how YOU can support your nonprofit working community. Donating now will make an immediate difference in the future of this project.  Thank you!

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