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Consulting & Facilitation

Creating Uplifting Places to Live and Play

Urban Sparks assists those who share their professional talents with the community, making parks, gardens, trails, education programs, and buildings — whatever helps improve society and its outlook.

Starting from scratch can be daunting — instead, start with us. We share resources, tips, inspirational stories and the experience of many who have succeeded.


Others’ experiences and resources can speed you on your way.

Look at our Projects, Networking and Links, and Now What? pages. Soon you’ll know where to begin. If you’re ready now, we can be your fiscal agent.

Our Photo Gallery is an invaluable resource with organized photos of parks and details that can help you imagine how your project might look.

Volunteers of all types find deep satisfaction.

Whatever your skills or passion, it feels good to give to your community. Read our Volunteer Profiles to get a taste.

Contact us for help with your project ideas

Our network is growing all the time, so we can help you find partners for your project. If your project is generous and good for the community, people will enjoy helping.  Our contact information is at the bottom of every page.