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The Philanthropic Family

Photo Credit to exfordy.

Philanthropic families create positive change using their wealth of energy, wisdom, time and money.  So do Volunteers and nonprofit professionals.

Practically speaking, we in the Nonprofit Sector are all One Philanthropic Family whether we are:

  • carefully directing generations of family money,
  • donating as part of our working for-profit careers,
  • directing corporate giving and matching,
  • volunteering where we think we can make the biggest impact,
  • or working for less in professional nonprofit jobs, stretching the sector’s limited resources to maximize the public benefit.

Considering the time value of money, these gifts can be remarkably commensurate with one another.

  • Earlier small gifts of time and money can create exponential change through the years.
  • Mid-career sizeable gifts are essential for supporting the ongoing operations of organizations – the bread and butter of any work.
  • Very large later gifts can make step changes possible, or through endowments, can assure ongoing operations.

Lifetime Giving Graph

The most important thing is that everyone who cares about nonprofit work thinks about where and when they can make his and her difference.

A paramount goal of Service House is to leave everyone
who touches one of its programs
with a lasting belief in philanthropy and service.

Our Family has good intentions as well as room to grow in efficiency and efficacy.  See “The Sieves” to explore how else Service House helps shepherd resources.


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