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Service House

Opening frame of video - A Day in the Life of Service House

New Video!  

Watch A Day in the Life of Service House.

See how Service House will support the service community including AmeriCorps volunteers, nonprofit professionals, philanthropists.

Ready to join the Service House momentum?

Click here to learn more about Service House >>


Pinehurst Playfield Shelterhouse

After three years of twists and turns in a bad economy, the Shelterhouse is completed!  From a pile of lumber to a bright-and-beautiful space, the project was a great success.  Completed March 2010!  Visit the park at NE 120thand 14thAve NE.

The Friends of Pinehurst Shelterhouse asked us to be fiscal sponsor for their project to fully remodel a boarded-up Parks’ structure in a well-used park to make it a welcoming community space and teen center.  We were especially happy to help since Lorena has been leading neighborhood projects for at least 12 years and helped Jack conceive of Fremont Peak Park, the inspiration for Urban Sparks.  It was our opportunity to give back.  Read more »


Joe King Park Fitness Centre, Hornby Island, British Columbia, Canada

Particularly in wet cold climates, indoor spaces can be as important as outdoor spaces.

Hornby Island’s community and aging population benefit from this new indoor fitness facility, especially during the winter months combating “cabin fever. The leaders Judith and Peter said “It was a great pleasure for both of us to see the doors open in November 2007 and watch people’s faces light up with joy as they piled in to see what was accomplished by a community effort”.

See Judith and Peter’s volunteer profile for the bigger story. volunteer profile »

What are Others’ Projects?
Projects we admire and find inspiring.