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The Kool-Aid

Photo Credit: xavi talleda.

Service House is much more than Workforce Housing.
It’s Curriculum and Community!

To serve as Seattle’s community center for nonprofit and philanthropic excellence, Service House will house a variety of programs to build bonds and efficiencies for the sector.

With the community’s help, Service House will collect, develop and share important knowledge throughout the Philanthropic Family, hosting:

  • A digital resource center of lessons learned and resultant best practices
  • Symposia and Collaboration where:
    • Volunteer and Service Workers will share current on-the-ground stories
    • Philanthropists and nonprofit professionals will share with new donors:
      • what nonprofit ROI looks like
      • where their help is most valuable
      • the fulfillment in a lifetime of philanthropy
    • Business and government leaders will check in to align funding programs with the sector’s and constituent’s needs
    • Peer groups will meet and develop best practices
  • Certificate programs for Service Workers to boost their careers

Service House will rent office space at market rate with enhanced value to nonprofit organizations, nonprofit support organizations and satellites offices.  Imagine a lobby of doorways reading:

  • 501 Commons (Executive Service Corps)
  • SeattleWorks
  • Alliance for Nonprofits
  • Philanthropy NW
  • Social Venture Partners
  • Seattle Philanthropic Advisors’ Network
  • Leadership Tomorrow
  • United Way of King County
  • City of Seattle Department of Neighborhoods

 A café pub will serve as a calendar-free hub for networking and fortification.

  • With its Service and Philanthropy theme, it will speak to the greater community.
  • Discounted vittles for volunteers will offer affordable morning take-out and evening decompression in the company of peers.
  • It will offer a place to share and build a philanthropic buzz over coffee.

From residences to cafe, from auditorium to office, this is a place that honors service in all its forms.


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