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November 11, 2011

Healthy Habits Education

by jacktomkinson

Photo Credit to Ronmerk

This program, run by Dr. Jeff Metzger, educates at-risk youth and elders about improved general nutrition, nutrition for individual constitutions, and nutrition to aid in illness/disease prevention and healing.  Individuals may also be treated as patients as requested and as appropriate.  All of these services will be provided to recipients, free of charge.

The pilot program running at the United Indians of All Tribes Foundation’s Homeless Youth Shelter is intended to address many of the health care needs of the residents and the daytime Elderly Program participants. Residents at a homeless shelter are a community with unique health needs. Having been on the street with poor nutrition and hygiene, and living without proper boundaries, these kids to have been exposed to many potential illnesses.

The various modalities of this program (education, improved cafeteria food, and naturopathic clinical hours), are intended to help these individuals develop more stable good health, learn simple natural ways to take care of themselves, and learn to eat and appreciate healthy foods. The addition of some herbal medicines is adjunct to other medical treatments. Often a few simple changes in diet or lifestyle can have a large impact.

We strive to give these youth some important tools to help them move out of the homeless cycle and reach their goals in life. This helps them as well as their communities to raise healthy families and pass the knowledge on to the next generation.

The elderly population frequently has a cluster of typical illnesses that alters individuals’ quality of life.  For this group, a holistic health approach helps them overcome illness, lessen the severity of their symptoms, and improve their quality of life.

UrbanSparks is the Fiscal Sponsor for this charitable work.

Thank you to the following supporters for making the Healthy Habits program possible.


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