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November 17, 2011

Kirkland Greenways

by ebmeier

The first Greenways group on the Eastside!

Kirkland Greenways is a steadily growing group of Eastside residents and business owners who want safe comfortable streets for all road users; whether you walk, run, jog, roll, drive or ride.  Kirkland Greenways brings together people from multiple neighborhoods, who are working together to identify and create a network of safe streets for people of all ages and abilities.

You can learn more on their webpage:

Photo collage of pedestrians, bikes, and wheelchairs.

Kirkland Greenways Mission

We identify, advocate for, and activate safe healthy streets.  We are part of a growing movement or people who want safer streets for their kids, for their families, for their community — and we’ve joined the coalition of over 20 community groups in Seattle that are already making positive changes in their neighborhoods.

Why greenways?

There are lots of good reasons to get around by walking or rolling in your neighborhood — It’s healthy and fun, good for your community and good for the environment, and it sets good lifestyle examples for our children — but if we don’t feel safe, then we don’t get out and we miss out on many opportunities to be a part of our community and to feel more connected to each other by the transportation choices we make every day. Greenways goal is to make local, people-powered travel choices inviting for everyone — of all ages and all abilities. Won’t you join us?

Kirkland Greenways Logo

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