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May 28, 2011


Staircases as Transportation

by ebmeier

Staircases are great connectors.

Image from King County Parks

Seattle is full of staircases.  They go places that cars cannot go which makes them important to the web of active transportation – lower traffic routes that people can walk and bike – Greenways.  Besides providing healthy transportation, they can be fun.

Does a staircase near you need a bicycle runnel?  Contact us.

See how our stair climbing friends are celebrating staircases and places to walk.  Links below:

Susan Ott: “Seattle All Stairs” website – she walked and mapped all 650 public stairs in Seattle!

Jake and Cathy Jaramillo: “Seattle Stairway Walks” blog

Linnea Westerlind: “Year of Seattle Parks” blog and other urban hiking blogs

Doug Beyerlein: “” website – discovering and documenting major stairways world-wide; also produced map of all Seattle stairways with more than 100 steps

Troy Heerwagen: “Walking in Seattle” blog – various pedestrian related topics, including urban hikes

We’re excited about the various groups working together to make is easier to get around under one’s own power. Options are essential to getting people out of their cars. Walking, biking and skating all can reduce obesity, increase general health and reduce carbon emissions. That’s a triple win!


What are Others’ Projects?  Projects we admire and find inspiring.


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  1. Mar 12 2013

    Holman Road overpass in Crown Hill needs a runnel. The 1965 structure is excessively cumbersome yet vital as it spans a 5 lane fast-moving freight corridor, with Dick’s on one side and playgrounds and sports fields on the other.

    • Mar 20 2013

      Great idea, Selena. We know the bridge you’re talking about – it’s quite a trek to the park on the other side. If the Crown Hill Neighborhood Association is thinking of taking on this project, please give us a call (see the contact info below) and we can brainstorm.


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