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October 6, 2011

Investing (Yourself) in Change

by jacktomkinson

Photo Credit: zappowbang on Flickr

Investing yourself in change is a path to distributed immortality.  You won’t necessarily get to see your cheek bones in change, but the effects of your investment can last for generations.  They can inspire people to inspire more people.  Even if a person has no idea how a bit of beauty or solitude came into being, they might be changed by it.  We’ve all been changed by people never known to us.

Putting your shoulder to a project is a way of loving the world and its inhabitants without worrying about payback.  For those of us whose parents are no longer with us, it’s even a way to love them for what they gave us and loving ourselves for sharing it.

Hopefully you’ve heard the expression, “Pay it forward.”  Making your mark by investing your time or money in change will make the world a little different or a lot different.

Dive in.  Make a difference!  … in yourself as well as the world.

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