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Donate to nourish the souls of Seattle’s communities.  It’s what we do!


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Donations will be matched!  Please GiveBIG now through May 10th!  GiveBigLogo_color

Thanks always for supporting Urban Sparks!  During GiveBIG your donations will be matched up to $4,000 by an anonymous donor, maybe more if we pass that mark! Let’s Try!  If you give now, you won’t forget.

GiveBIG update post here.


Love Wins Love


Love Wins Love believes in the regenerative power of love. We are making 4,505 unity flags to represent the people who are living unsheltered in King County. By bringing those who are not housed and who are housed to experience our shared humanity by making art together, we hope to tap into people’s creative ideas for manifesting a world that works for all- and build a more compassionate, resilient community.

See our Love Wins Love FaceBook page and you may donate to Love Wins Love through this button: btn_donate_lg which will direct your donation to Love Wins Love / Urban Sparks.  You will receive an email confirming your donation.  Thank you!


Support Urban Sparks

Group Cheer

Urban Sparks is of the people, for the people, and by the people.  So we need your help!
You can support Urban Sparks with:

Funding and Resources,
Time and Talent


Donate to Urban Sparks:  

via PayPal      $20, $100, $500, $1,000, monthly?

via Click and Pledge at The Seattle Foundation

or mail a check to:
Urban Sparks, 4229 Baker Ave. NW, Seattle, WA 98107
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Investing (Yourself) in Change

Photo Credit: zappowbang on Flickr

Investing yourself in change is a path to distributed immortality.  You won’t necessarily get to see your cheek bones in change, but the effects of your investment can last for generations.  They can inspire people to inspire more people.  Even if a person has no idea how a bit of beauty or solitude came into being, they might be changed by it.  We’ve all been changed by people never known to us.

Putting your shoulder to a project is a way of loving the world and its inhabitants without worrying about payback.  For those of us whose parents are no longer with us, it’s even a way to love them for what they gave us and loving ourselves for sharing it.

Hopefully you’ve heard the expression, “Pay it forward.”  Making your mark by investing your time or money in change will make the world a little different or a lot different.

Dive in.  Make a difference!  … in yourself as well as the world.


Finding Purpose

Rodin's The Thinker

Photo Credit: kakissel on Flickr

Been there, done that?  Don’t need to go back?

For many of us, personal indulgence has its limits.
It’s not a black or white issue mind you; indulgence has its places.  Still, we humans like purpose.  It’s remarkably satisfying to be helpful, kind, pivotal – any number of descriptors that mean you improved the legacy of the human race.

While American’s like our superstars, we also love that English teacher who gave us the love of learning and exploration, the coach who convinced us to try again, the stranger who anonymously inspired us and good old Granny whose internal beauty is too grand to describe.

Even the old fella sweeping the walk exudes something special – a generous commitment to keeping the community “nice.”

Whatever your skills or predilections, we hope you’ll find a place to give and that you’ll feel the importance of your gift. At Bradner Gardens there is a woman who has made cinnamon rolls for work parties for years.  You know she’s important!

Volunteer projects depend on many details to succeed: bookkeeping, weeding, neighborhood outreach, celebrations, political outreach, brainstorming, problem solving, business acumen – the list goes on and on.  Remember all of your skills when looking for purpose, and realize that every one is important and has purpose.