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Letters of Support

Inspiration….in your own words.  Thank you for sharing with us!

Civic Leaders

Heidi Willis, Seattle City Councilmember

“It is rewarding to see the collective knowledge and collaborative spirit the Trails Coalition and other stakeholder groups are bringing to this project. Preserving public open space in the manner you envision is creative, and is very much in keeping with the City’s short- and long-term urban planning goals.” read more »

 Michael Shiosaki, Seattle Parks & Recreation, Panning & Development Manager

“We greatly appreciate your collaboration in the planning of this new open space. The project will benefit signifigantly from the activities that the mountain biking community can bring to this site…” read more »


Colleen Haynes, in support of BMX Parks

“This track has been a healthy, positive place for riders to participate in their sport, whether a nationally recognized rider or a youngster just trying it out. According to the neighbors and the Shoreline Police, the riders have been able to enjoy their sport without causing any disruption in the area. In fact, over the years, man people have commented that they think the rider’s presence has helped to keep the area safer. We would like to work towards a new area for current and upcoming riders to be active in their sport, which is a healthy passion for all of the riders we have had the pleasure to know.”
read more »

Brian Taylor, in support of BMX Parks

“BMX has been a lot of things for me over the years. It’s always been a form of transportation but it’s meant a lot of different things like adventure, excitement, a challenge, competition, injuries and most of all it’s always been fun. I’m not sure if BMX is the sport for everyone, but for me it fit well. Since the second day I learned how to ride a bike I was aiming for things to jump or just aiming for things to run over. Bugs just seemed way cooler after they were squished to my front tire! Oh, I suppose I’ve got a million stories about riding BMX bikes, hell I started racing in 1984 almost twenty years ago.” read more »

Ewin Day, in support of BMX Parks

“BMX bikes are highly versatile and style oriented. you will find many different types of people riding them too all with a distinct individual style. The dilemna is that some of us like to jump them much like our MX cousins. Few places exist to do this legitemately without running into legalities. Having a recognized legitamate spot to ride designed by riders to riders standards would be the best way to keep riders and property owners happy.” read more »

Preston Peterson, in support of BMX Parks

“We have BMX jumps in my neighborhood, and the camraderie and community is outstanding. As an older and established citizen I have both a peer and mentoring relationship with both kids as young as 8 through teenagers to young adults. What’s especially exciting to me about BMX compared to a lot of other activities is the amazing amount of sweat equity and working together that is rquired to build and maintain these jumps. They are harder to build correctly than they look, and its amazing to watch the kids plan and work together and rebuild the jumnps to suit their tastes and energies. This building activity is near constant and involves sustained effort over many weeks, all good lessons for life that build character.” read more »

Seth Nordin, Concerned Citizen and BMX Rider

“Local neighbors were in support of this area as well as Shoreline Police Officers and school officials, because it gave people a creative outlet and exercise as well as keeping illegal activities down considerably (bums, drugs, garbage). The local skatepark is not bicycle friendly and is not even big enough for all of the people who are allowed to use it (everyone but bikers even though it is built in the corner of a huge park).” read more »

 Sean “Shovel” Mottley, in support of BMX Parks

“I personally grew up a lot because of my local jumping area, I learned to deal with problems and I was able to have a release valve for my frustration and anger. So I would not bottle it up and go and commit crimes. I would love to see a legitimate spot go up, I would volunteer my time to build and maintain the jumps just to make sure my peers of the future have a good spot to ride. So with that I would like to say thank you in advance to anyone, especially Mr. T for lending an ear and their time to help resolve our problem.” read more »

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