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The Need

Workforce Housing where nonprofit workers can LIVE, CONNECT & GROW: A bustling hive of individuals convening in service, community and education.


The cost of housing in Seattle has increasingly become a primary barrier for young people wishing to serve in AmeriCorps and similar service programs. Housing costs ($500-700 per month) consume most of an AmeriCorps member’s living stipend ($750-1,100 per month), leaving little for other basic necessities. It is not uncommon for new arrivals to move into the first cheap housing situation they’re able to find, resulting in poor living conditions and isolation. In addition, the wisdom of nonprofit directors and managers earned over a lifetime often falls through the cracks without a curriculum to pass on key lessons to the next generation of leaders.  As the nonprofit community is increasingly expected to compete on business metrics of ROI and strategic plan, let’s invest in the professionalism of our nonprofit workers.


As the first of many, Seattle’s Service House will be a model resource for the Northwest’s philanthropic/nonprofit community, providing a safe &supportive environment for self-selected individuals committed to service. It will offer affordable very compact apartments &amenities to new high school &college graduates, professionals, veterans and elders serving in the Seattle area. Service House will also provide space &amenities to share with local nonprofit agencies. This bustling hive of individuals convening in service, community and education will become a powerful resource that demonstrates the Northwest’s commitment to service.


  • Affordable: 100-150 compact units with private baths &shared kitchens will provide a safe friendly environment to call home, without requiring subsidies.
  • Green and Convenient: at public transit crossroads and near living necessities.
  • Fulltime On-Site Management will provide resident support and local knowledge.
  • Publicly-Shared Auditorium will provide a venue for service training, theater, events and large meetings.
  • Museum of Service TM will utilize common areas to honor the history of service &philanthropy in the Northwest.
  • A Cafe/Pub amongst the ground level businesses will provide a cozy ‘third place’ where ideas are hatched &alliances are reinforced over affordable food.
  • Energetic Residents are likely to volunteer locally in their off hours, providing an additional public asset.

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